2001 AGM Minutes
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Minutes of the NZJCOA & Sanders Cup Association AGM held at Heretaunga Boating Club on January 2nd, 2001

· Murray Gibbons
Motioned: P Layton
Seconded: David Lee

Minutes from the last NZJCOA & Sanders Cup AGM's
These were read by Hamish Hey
Motioned: Colin Shanks
Seconded: Rob Fordyce

Matters arrising from the minutes
· Was the contract written up for trophy insurance? Hamish Hey undertook to ensure this was completed in the near future to ensure all trophies were properly insured by the winners.

· Nothing of note

Financial Accounts
· Accounts were read by Dave Tyrer for the NZJCOA and the Sanders Cup Association
· Dave Tyrer put forward a point for discussion on how to collect membership revenue. Possibly to add a levy to the Nationals entry fee every year. The feeling of the meeting was for the status quo to remain - invoices to be sent out and followed up by the treasurer.
· Tim Willets asked what the NZJCOA money was to be used for. It was outlined that some money may be put forward by the JCOA to help fund a team to the next South Pacific series in Australia. Hamish Hey also said that a number of the trophies required new bases.
Motioned: Dave Tyrer
Seconded: Ruggid

Upcoming contests
· South Pacifics 2002/2003 season. Due to be sailed in Perth, the feeling of the meeting that Perth was the best option. Rob Devenish agreed to respond from Perth by March as to whether they would like to take the contest on. At this point it was felt that the contest would be held in Perth. If Perth decide against holding the contest, then it is possible that the contest may be held in Auckland to coincide with the next Americas Cup.

· Nationals & Sanders Cup 2001/2002. After some discussion, it was agreed that Auckland would be the best option for this regatta. The regatta would probably be run in mid to late January. The feeling of the meeting is that the 2002/2003 regatta would be held in Tauranga or Gisborne, dates for the contest are to ensure that any boats returning from Perth would be able to attend this regatta.

· North Islands 2000/2001 are to be held in Taupo on March 10 & 11. The feeling of the meeting is that the North Islands for 2001/2002 would be held in Whakatane, dates to be finalised so that they do not clash with the Auckland Nationals/Sanders Cup
· South Islands. As no South Island competitors were present at the regatta, no decisions were made.

General Business
1. New ISAF advertising rules. After some debate the feeling of the meeting is that we will declare the class restricted category C. The restrictions are to be loosely based on the old 'Category B'. It is possible that there may be some modifications to what can be allowed on main sails. The international body is to consider this, and come up with a set of rules which will need to be voted on.

2. Professional rules. After some discussion on the likely effect of these rules, it was decided that the Javelin class would not restrict professionals from entering the class. The international body is to closely look at the proposed rules, and set up a ballot to this effect if required.

3. Website. Many favourable comments from the floor on the content and general design of the site. Rob Fordyce to look at adding a calender of events. Also, we would like to get more Australian content into the site, Rob Fordyce to work with the Victorian, and WA Associations on this.

4. International body. The issue of who forms the international body was raised. After consultation with the International Constitution, it was agreed that Each of the three associations was to appoint to members to the International body. It was agreed at the meeting that the elected NZJCOA commodore sit on this board. Similarly, other elected officials from the NZJCOA including Measurer and Registrar sit on the sub boards of the international committee. The Victorian, and Western Australian Associations are to appoint their members at their next Association meetings. The International body will then convene.

5. Rules redraft. During the Wellington contest, a group of people spent considerable time discussing the class rules. It is the intention that Rob Devenish put forward a number of amendments to the international body which would simplify the rules, and make Javelins easier to build. These amendments are the consensus of opinion from the meeting.

6. Minutes of the last South Pacifics AGM. These were read by Dave Tyrer.

Election of officers
Commodore: Rob Fordyce (contested between Hamish Hey and Rob Fordyce)
Secretary/Treasurer: David Brown
Measurer: Phil McNeill
Registrar: Peter Precey