Mailing List Instructions
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An email mailing list has been set up for anybody interested in keeping up to date with what is happening in the Javelin Class.

To Check out the online discussions go to:   JavelinSkiff Google Group

You can browse the discussions, download files without joining the group. However, to contribute to the discussions, have them sent to you via e-mail, upload files and create pages in the javelinskiff google group you must join the group. It is easy to join - just follow the instructions on the Javelinskiff google group home page.

Once you have jointed:

The default setting for google groups is to send no messages to your e-mail. To set the system to send discussions to your e-mail you must change the default. To do this click on the "Edit my membership" on the right of the Javelinskiff google group home page.

To send your own message to everyone on the list, simply send an email addressed to or you can enter the message via the web.

If you reply to a message sent on the list, by default your reply will also go to everyone on the list. If you only want to send a reply to the sender of the message, replace the reply address with the senders email address.