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  Why Buy a Javelin?

The Javelin is the most affordable of all the high performance racing dinghys.

In New Zealand a National Champion winning boat sells for $7,000 - $10,000, with highly competitive boats selling for $3,000 - $7,000. This price generally includes a road and beach trailer, the boat and a quantity of
spare sails and other gear.

Older less competitive boats can be picked up for $500 - $2,500. These older boats are good for those new to Javelins to get a feel for the class without the extra outlay required for a newer boat.

These prices compare very well with other centre-board dinghys. If you are looking for maximum speed and enjoyment at an affordable price why look any further...

New Javelins

The Auckland Javelin Association has recently built female hull and deck moulds. These moulds are available for use for people interested in building a new boat. The moulds are of the Bungholio (Lee Mk I) Design, and have proven to be very fast in all conditions.

For information on these new moulds, and costing for getting a new boat, click here.