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New Zealand Competitions
Racing in New Zealand is made up of club racing, the Sanders Cup Inter-Provincial contest, along with a National Regatta.

Other regattas include the North and South Island Championships, and the Freshwater championships held on lake Rotorua.

New Zealand Nationals - Ray Eady Cup 

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The New Zealand Javelin Nationals championships have been held every year since the first competition in Wellington in 1964.

Over this time the competition has been won by some of New Zealand's most best sailors, with names like Murray Ross, Peter Mander, Jack Cropp, Jock Bilger and Dave Elder appearing on the trophy.

The class has also attracted notable designers, such as John Spencer, Bruce Farr, Iain Murray and Ben Lexen. These designers playing a large part in New Zealand and Australian America's cup efforts.

The Ray Eady Cup is presented to the winner of the New Zealand Javelin Nationals.


2nd NZ Nationals - John Long Memorial Trophy


The John Long Memorial Trophy - Awarded to the Yacht finishing in 2nd Place in the Javelin Nationals.

In Memory of John Andrew Long (J.L)
26.2.54 - 3.12.83
A keen yachtsman who loved his boats fast and wet... Johns yachting career began at the age of 10 yrs sailing Sunbursts with the Wakatere Boating Club - 3.7s, 12ft Q Class, Rank Xerox 18ft ('78-'80) representing NZ Internationally - 'Eskimo Pie' 'Javelin' (3rd Auckland Champs '82 - 2nd Nationals '82). Johns last race won him the Phil Holland Memorial Trophy in a Sunburst Oct '83 with the Torbay Boating Club.

The ashes of John Long are scattered over Waiake Beach, Torbay.

Sanders Cup


The Sanders Cup holds a special place New Zealand Yachting History. It is the oldest trophy sailed for in New Zealand under it's original inception. It is the only remaining senior inter-provincial challenge competition still sailed for today.

Since the inaugural races in 1921 it has been sailed for every year with the exception of 1942-45. The Sanders Memorial Cup was presented by Messrs Walker and Hall Limited in 1921 in the memory of Lieutenant Commander W.E.Sanders, V.C., D.S.O., R.N.R. for interprovincial competition between 14ft one design yachts.


Kingham Trophy

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The Kingham Trophy was donated by the Kingham Family to the Timaru Yacht Club. This trophy is the perpetual property of the Timaru Yacht Club and is presenting annually to the winner of the Invitation race for the Sanders Cup Class Yachts that traditionally precedes the Sanders Cup Contest.

"Presented by Harry Kingham and family in 1952, to the winner of the Invitation Race, sailed prior to the Sanders Cup. Open to all 14'yachts of the designs eligible to compete in theSanders Cup"
South Pacific Competition

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A South Pacific or Inter-Dominion contest is held in which both New Zealand and Australian boats compete.

The regatta is sailed every two years, and is alternated between both countries.

The "Air New Zealand Trophy" is presented to the winners of the South Pacific Championships.

Inter-Dominion Championship

The Air New Zealand


D.F.L Trophy

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Donated by the "Head Brother" Murray Gibbons. the D.F.L Trophy:

The D.F.L Trophy - Awarded to the Yacht Recording the lowest place in the Regatta yet finishing all races.

This one can hold a resonable quantity of rum, and has been picked up by boats close to the top of the fleet, as indicated by Alex Vallings & Hamish Hey winning it when placing 2nd at the New Zealand Nationals in 2002.