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Class Rules (1 July 2008)
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Measuring Guidelines (DOC)
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Building a New Boat
Get a NEW Javelin from the class moulds.

Build your own boat, using these Building information, plans and instructions.

The Javelin Constitution comprises the Association rules, Class Rules, Measuring Guidelines and Measurement Form.
Constitution (PDF)

Masts and Rigging
Basic Rig Tuning

Advanced Jav tuning guide (with raking CB)

Advanced Jav tuning guide (without raking CB)

Running Rigging
Bungholio Controls Layout
Ideas for setting up a Javelin from 2003 South Pacific Champion boat.

Asymetric Spinnaker
All you need to know to Convert

Javelin being built on the Web

What is a Javelin
The Javelin is a Restricted Development Class is one which has a loose set of
rules (or restrictions) which allow the sailor freedom to experiment when building or modify a boat. This freedom allows the class to evolve as individuals find new and innovative ways of making their yachts go faster, and faster!

An example of a Javelin Restriction is:

Rule 8.2 BEAM AT WIDEST POINT: No part of the boat may exceed 1727mm overall beam.

The ability to "try something out" has seen some of yachting's biggest names design Javelin hulls. IACC designers Bruce Farr, and Ian Murray being notable examples.

A number of our most successful Javelin sailors prefer to build and race Javelins of their own design.

Restrictions and Typical Dimensions
Principal Dimensions (see the Class Rules for more information):

Maximum Length 4267mm 14'
Maximum Beam 1727mm 5' 8"
Minimum Weight  70kg 150lb
Mast Height (above deck) 7160mm 23' 6"
Main Sail area 9.2m2 100ft2
Jib area 4.6m2 50ft2
Gennaker Area 18.6m2 200ft2

To maintain a class "look and feel" all Javelins must have a hard-chine hull shape and a straight bow stem.

Construction materials are unlimited. Most Javelins are built in plywood, however a number have been built using composite materials, e.g. foam/glass, foam/kevlar/carbon, balsa/glass, balsa/carbon.