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Whats been happening

29 November 2000 

Well, after a few weeks of 40-60knot winds the wind gods finally sorted their lives out 2 days before our Sanders Cup trials. We managed to get out for a quick 2 hour sail on Thursday night after work using our "Night Nurse" sails. Saturday morning we stood up the rig with the new Main and Gennaker, with Ken Fyfe finishing off the Jib and delivering it to us in time for the first race.

Here are a couple of pictures (from the studio of David Lee) of Saturday/Sundays racing, more to follow...

The seconds hull of the Mould, David Browns Flying Cirucs is also on the water, seen here racing in the Wellington South Pacifics.

24 October 2000

Ok, its been a while, things have definitely got on top of us in the last two months, so sorry to all of those attempting to follow the building progress. I will be uploading the last two Sailing NZ articles soon to fill you in on the big gaps.

Will try and get some Photos soon, but basically its looking good, have decided to fit a deck stepped mast, and end boom sheeting, and a few other bits and pieces working on the "fluid project ideas". Rudder is Transom hung at the moment, with possibility of tripod if we get to "out of shape" on the water.

Current Status:
- Boat has been High-Build Undercoated, and sanded back. Last night the last remaining pin pricks were filled in and its almost ready for another undercoat/final coat.
- Inside has been undercoated, and non-skidded. A few cosmetics, but basically ready for final coat. Arranging the trip to the painters as we speak.
- Mast is nearing completion, should be ready today/tomorrow. Then its a trip to the rigger to get the bottom ends of the stays swaged on. Hopefully this happens Wednesday.
- Fixed Rudder tiller has been attacked with the hacksaw and angled up slightly to fit the new boat. Have re-carboned it in place, and its ready for a quick grind and fill and can be re-painted.
- All the deck fittings and running rigging is sitting in a little expensive box in the spare room. Fitting positions have been pre-drilled so hopefully it should all go together pretty well.
- Centreboard is almost complete, so that should be ready tomorrow and then fitted in the boat.
- Sails will be finally arranged once the mast has been stepped and luff length of the Gennaker can be determined. Materials are in stock, sailmaker ready to rock, lets see what happens.
- Mast step and mast plug fittings expertly constructed by Pete over the weekend, all looking good.

25 August 2000

Got stuck into the sanding with a vengance. Using a two man longboard on the aft bottom and topsides. Hull is fairing up really nicely. Did some spot check measure ments to ensure the hull "is a Javelin" and all looks really sweet.

Applied another 250grams fairing mixture to the bottom in the low spots, and built up the chines.

Laminated up the main bulkhead. This is built in 100gm, 8mm foam, and has 8mm plywood laminated into it where the chainplates are attached to. Not sure what the layup is, Tweak has it "under wraps" at his factory, but I am assured that it is very sexy.

24 August 2000

Sanded back most of hull surface using a smaller board (say 600mm x 100mm) and some pretty hefty 40 grit paper slowly working into an 80 grit befire we griove the hull to much.

Found a few areas of air bubble under the glass. Ground these out with the angle grinder, and laminated back in some replacement glass. A few other smaller bubbles were fixed with a syringe by injecting resin under the glass skin surface.

23 August 2000
Applied a bigger layer of bog/fairing mixture to the hull. At this stage we are using a combination of West Systems Microlight Powder, and Microballoons mixed into Epoxy for the fairing. This powders are very very light, and nice to sand. 

22 August 2000

21 August 2000 

Finished sanding the hull shell foam, and then laminated up the outer skin of 2 layers 200g eGlass. Let the skin "tack off" and then applied the first layer of ultralight fairing compound to start the sanding fairing cycle again...

Returned the vacuum pump to Grant Beck from Adhesive Technologies, and got the (hopefully) last lot of resin to complete the boats.

SORRY, don't have a camera at the moment, owner is using it to photograph his soo to arrive new child. If anyone else has a camera we can borrow for a few weeks please drop us a line.

20 August 2000

Sanded back the foam on the hull shell, and used the angle grinder (tool of choice) to remove the remenants of netting still stuck long the gunnales.

Vacuumed down the last side deck so that we could return the pump. Many many thanks to the guys at Adhesive Technologies for the loan of the pump.

19 August 2000
Glassed up the outer skin of the first side deck. In the final boat, we have replaced parts of the foam core with plywood inserts to take fittings.

18 August 2000
Vacuumed down the first side deck for the last boat 

17 August 2000
Discussing, and planning for the new sails. 

16 August 2000
HULL 3 - Continued to remove netting from hull where stuck down.

Finalising a sponsorship proposal for shipping Australian boats to NZ for South Pacifics at Christmas.

15 August 2000
HULL 3 - Started removing the vacuum bag and netting from the mould. Little bit of a problem with excess filler attaching it self to the netting along the gunnale areas. Bit of a bugger, so a little more sanding will be required.

14 August 2000
HULL 3 - Vacuumed down the hull bottom. Cooked the hull for 12 hours at 50 degrees with vacuum on.

13 August 2000
 Out of Town

12 August 2000
 Out of Town

11 August 2000
HULL 3 - Sanded back the hull skin on the bottom and gunnales to remove epoxy contamininant on the glass. Cut out, and bent the foam for the hull bottom. Foam was bent into shape using a hot air gun and taped into rough position. Perforated the foam ready for vacuuming down.

10 August 2000 
HULL 3 - Gunnale Foam, Shaped up and prepared the foam for the gunnales. Using a 20mm 60g foam for the foam around the cockpit area, blending into a 60g, 16mm foam in the front of the hull.

9 August 2000 
Auckland Sailing Club - Committee Meeting

8 August 2000
HULL 2 - David packed up the boat, and took it home to the Manawatu for finishing off.

7 August 2000

HULL 2 - Cut out the main bulkhead frames, and finished the sub floor framing coves. Removed the last sidedeck from the mould.

HULL 3 (at last, my Boat!) - Laminated up the inner glass skin, and vacuumed on the topsides foam. From learnings from the other two hulls we changed a few of the layup methods. The primary one being to use a lot more peel ply on the mould surface so that the inside skin of the hull will be rougher/textured rather than the a mirror image of the polished mould surface. The mould is first coated in epoxy, and then peel ply is smoothed over in the back sections up to the gunnale (to allow for a second layer of glass on the hull topsides). In the front sections peel ply was used where the false floor will join the hull, along the centreline, under the main bulkhead and on the stem where the front frame will be attached.

6 August 2000

HULL 2 Side decks - Removed (and destroyed) the vacuum bag and breather cloth to sand back the deck mould ready for glassing. Applied two layers of 200g glass to the deck tops and cooked in the "oven" at 54 degrees.

HULL 2 Frames - Cutout the false floor frames and transom from the flat sheet we had previously laminated up.

HULL 2 Main Bulkhead - Laminated up both sides of the main bulkhead. This one used a slightly bigger plywood panel for the chainplates, and also incorporated plywood under the mast base position to transfer the mast loads into the frames.

HULL 1 Foredeck - Removed the bag, and sanded back the foredeck ready for glassing

5 August 2000

HULL 2 - Laminated up the inner skin of the last sidedeck, and vacuumed down the 8mm foam. This was a prick of the job with the vacuum bag full of air leaks and on its last legs. Also glassed up the second side of the flat panel for the frames and transom.

HULL 1 - Ran out of foam for the last hull frames, so brought another sheet, plus a bit more peelply and another roll of vacuum tape.

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