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Progress Updates
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Current Progress   Up to date progress on boat construction
7 July - 4 August 2000 Started to build the first hull on the mould. Hulls are being costructed over a male mould with the foam layers vacuum bagged down.
24 June - 6 July 2000  Completing the hull mould, and taking the first foredeck off the foredeck mould. 
 9 June - 22nd June 2000 Building the Hull Mould, attaching the plywood sheaving, glassing and fairing the Hull Mould.
24 May - 6 June 2000  Completing the hull building frame. Cutting hull frames with CNC machine, standing hull frames and attaching stringers.
 1 May - 23 May 2000 Building the Foredeck and Sidedeck moulds. Initial work on the building frame.
 13 April - 30 April 2000 Planning the project and machining down the mould stringers