Virtual Javelin - Where are we?
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Construction Location
The Virtual Javelins are being built at a secret Auckland location (Robs Place)

When I was looking for a place to buy a few years back it had to meet a few criteria:

1. It had to have a double garage to build boats in
2. It couldn't have any lawn, hence the tiles out back

The Garage is pretty much ideal. The only real changes have been to install a couple of 150 watt lights directly above the work area, chuck in a decent work bench (thanks Dad). Next on the to do list is to chuck some polystyrene on the tilt-a-door to keep the heat in while laminating over the winter.

We haven't built any Javelins here before, but have certainly mucked around with them on a pretty regular basis as you can see from these pictures.

That's Tweak doing all the work, I was sort of banished from painting my own boat after the 3 minute paint job using the 12 inch roller.