Virtual Javelin - Who are we?
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Who are we talking about?
We are currently building 3 boats, with another 3 potential boats later in the year.

We have a pretty big team, with the 3 owners and assorted helpers and crews.


David Lee

David is the designer of these boats, and is also working on the construction. He is a full time student completing a Phd in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland. His thesis is on "The modelling and identification of friction in mechanical systems".

David owned his first Javelin when he was 14, but had a break for a few years and brought his current boat 2 years ago.


Peter Precey

Pete has been sailing Javelins for about 3 years now, previously sailing Lasers and other stupid boats. Pete placed third in the 2000 NZ Javelin Nationals. He owns a boat built to the Spencer Mk IV design, which he is currently modifying after chopping the back 1/2 off with a skillsaw to form a Precey special...

Pete was a boatbuilder in his past, so will be providing a bit of technical advice, and will be popping around to help when he has his own boat 14 feet long again.


Rob Fordyce

Rob brought his first Javelin for $500 as a poor university student and sailed on the mighty Manawatu River. Later upon joining the Navy he purchased "Night Nurse" which he has owned for the last 6 years.

Rob is a Software Engineer working for Motherwell Information Systems. His tool of choice for boatbuilding is an Angle Grinder, the skill saw being a close second. Has not built a boat before, but has repaired plenty. Rob is the unofficial record holder for breaking the most Javelin Masts, at last count around 7 or 8 masts.

He is the current Auckland Javelin Squadron commodore and also gets to play with the Web Site.


Grant "Tweak" MacDuff

Aside from the Moeraki Boulders Photo, Grant is a very reserved, and discrete young gentleman, and has never done a foolish thing in his life. Has been sailing with Rob for about 2 years now in the position of "pointy end regional manager". Grant likes coffee, lots of it, I mean lots..

Grant was a crew on the NZ Champion 18 foot skiff, and has played around on most forms of racing yacht in his time. Has built quite a few boats, including an 18ft skiff, and 21ft Mini-Transat Single hander which he is still completing.

Definitely a lot of fun to have crewing on the boat, and creator of the infamous "Flying Macduff" boat destruction manouvere. Grant is the "Head Cheese" at MacDuff Industries, the place to go for Anchors, Chain, Mooring Bouys and a good chat.


Graham "Hoppy" Roberts

Graham has been campaigning a 12ft skiff until recently re-discovering the Javelin. Graham has built a strip planked Cedar Javelin, as well as a number of 12ft skiffs. He is a mad keen land-yachty racing down the Ohope Beach.

Graham works for Wormald doing electrical tricky stuff, and in his spare time runs a hire business out of Ohope, and coaching juniors at the Whakatane yacht club.

Has had his faith in young people seriously eroded by "Alex the Baby faced assassin" after developing a "flip top foot" during the 2000 Nationals in Otago.


David Brown

David has recently rebuilt the "Tupperware Taxi" after inheriting it from his step father. Unfortunately the Tupperware Taxi is no more having been patched up beyond repair at the 1998/1999 Taupo Nationals, David has brought a second hand boat in the interim as he goes about working on a new boat.

David works for the Kiwi Dairy Company in Hawera, and still does most of his sailing in the Manawatu / Horowhenua region. David has built a Phoenix (or two) in Plywood in the past so will be adding lots of good input to the project.

David and Rob grew up sailing together at the Manawatu Sailing Club in Optimists and P-Class.


Christina Brennan

Christina is Rob's girlfriend and is definitely a linch-pin in the project. Anyone that would put up with a boatbuilding workshop in their garage has got to be a crucial team member.

A good sport who always has a go, Christina has helmed the mighty "Night Nurse" and gone for a Trapeze just to see what all the fuss is about. Christina is best known for looking after the boys stomachs by arranging for big feeds of Fish and Chips to dilute the effects of serious after match entertainment.

And she drinks "Speights"...