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Part I, Design Innovation

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Welcome to the "Virtual Javelin" Project
We will be following the planning, building and sailing of a number of Javelins in New Zealand over the winter of 2000 in preparation for the 2001 South Pacifics in Wellington.

As construction continues over the winter months follow the hopefully daily progress updates to see whats going on. We will be showing photographs of construction progress, materials used, and all the technical information you will need to vacuum bag and build a new Javelin.

  Magazine will also be doing a series of articles on the project following us from the design stage, to launching and racing of these new boats. Please support New Zealands only dedicated yacht racing magazine.

The Design
These boats will be the first built to Design82 by David Lee from Auckland. During the design process, to get a better feel for the hull lines polystyrene scale models have been cut.

See Sailing New Zealand - April 2000 edition for more information on this design, or download the Technical Drawings.

Basic Hull Parameters
Rise from keel to chine at bow 280mm
Chine beam at mid-length 1212mm
Rise from keel to chine at mid-length 205mm
Chine beam at transom 1055mm
Rise from keel to chine at transom 90mm
Keel rocker overall 80mm
Keel rocker aft of mid-length 9mm
Keel rocker fore of mid-length 30mm
Shear height at bow 595mm
Shear height at mid-length 595mm
Shear height at transom 440mm
Curvature in sections aft of mid-length 33mm
Gunwale overhang approximately 60mm

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