Australian Racing

Upcoming Nationals
2011 Perth, WA

Racing Programmes
Chelsea YC, Victoria
Perth Dinghy SC, WA

Nationals Winners
Australian Nationals
Ladies Trophy
Senior Helmsman Trophy
Junior Helmsman Trophy

Previous Nationals
2000 Bunbury, WA

2001 Adelaide, SA
2002 Melbourne, VIC

2003 Perth, WA

2004 Melbourne, VIC

2005 Esperance, WA
2006 Melbourne, VIC
2007 Perth, WA
2008 Melbourne, VIC

2009 Perth, WA
2010 Melbourne,VIC

Crew profiles
State Championships
2004/2005 Calendar

Crew profiles
State Championships



Australian Competitions
Racing in Australia is made of club racing & state championships. A national championship is also held every year, the location of which moves from state to state each year. Javelins are currently raced in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales..

Where do Javelins sail?
- Beaumaris Yacht Club
- Chelsea Yacht Club

- Beamaris Yacht Club

 - Elwood Sailing Club
- Williamstown Sailing Club

 Western Australia:
- Perth Dinghy Sailing Club
- Bunbury Sailing Club
- Esperance Sailing Club
- Cleveland Yacht Club
New South Wales:
- ????