The Adventures of HOTYOT

Adventures of HotYot
Honeymoon in Thailand

The Big OE in Pommyland
At War in the Persian Gulf
Dunedin Nationals 2000
New Zealand Yacht Clubs

PUDSY, my old man

"have you Kiwi's seen my numberplate?..."

Origins of the HOTYOT
Many years ago, in a fair and honest country named New Zealand came a number of evil and nasty neighbours visiting from across the Tasman sea. These were our Australian brothers joining us in Auckland for the 1997 South Pacific Javelin Championships.

An excellent competition was had by all, with the only problems being the lack of sailing. History reminds us of a cyclone, no, make that TWO cyclones which reaked such havock and destruction of the fair town of Auckland that the competition only managed to get 3 races sailed. Well four races if you count the last excursion to the shores of a little lake named Pupuke with 60kt bursts mocking all who attempted to race.

To be fair, maybe the HOTYOT saga is really the Kiwis fault. We couldn't stop the Cyclones, but we might have decided that giving BOLT and WIRE Cutters as prizes to the Australians, restless from a lack of sailing, was a bad thing!

So, in high spirts, due no doubt to the great Kiwi beer, and armed with their prizes, our Australian friends crept into the night, returning with a "treasure" to take back across the sea.

For reasons of national secruity we can't name the "treasure", or the culprits, but we can tell you WE GOT EVEN..., and brought back a travelling buddy to our fair country.

And then in great Kiwi tradition, little HOTYOT grew up and wanted to see the world, he joined the Navy, went to a few Regatta's, did the big O.E and visited Europe got a little drunk and just can't stop moving...

For the record, HOTYOT's owner in a previous life was Peter "Pudsy" Layton, thats Dad on the left. Pudsy is the 1997 and 1999 SouthPacific Javelin Champion.