The Mast Muncher
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Mast won't fit into that 20ft Container in one Piece?

If you have a 7.5m long standard Javelin mast, but need to fit your boat and mast into a 20ft (6.6m) standard shipping container, than you need the MastMuncher.

The MastMuncher can convert any usable Javelin mast into a multi-piece mast with little to no effort, very experienced at this sort of work.

Final Trials of the Mast Muncher Process (Bay of Islands, Easter 2004)

Dear Diary,

It is April 9th now and the weather is cool but OK otherwise. Sailing is looking good and I’m pumped for today’s racing and possible positive test result.

I just wish people would not keep giving me grief over my paint job. Sure sniffing all those resin fumes must have had something to do with my choice but I still like it.

I have been running the final test trial for my new venture and so far things are not looking good. I’ve usually had a result by now but then again it is early days. I’ve got another 4 days of sailing and early test runs at previous regattas have been quite successful.

Anyway it's time to go kick some butt.

Dear Diary,

Later in April 9th.

SUCCESS again. Once again I have come up trumps. This brings my rate up close to 100%.

Having been researching and testing for many years, and almost perfecting it in Perth, now I feel the time is right to launch the business. I can see my new business card now…….