No 48 - The Misplaced Letter Box

Adventures of No 48

A Christmas Present
Layday in Melbourne
An Early Demise

Craig Gilberd

"does anyone know where my letterbox is?..."

The Mystery of the LetterBox
Where do we start, I'm not even sure Craig Gilberd knows why his letterbox ups and wanders off every now and then. It just seems to happen, when he least expects it.

Some serious scientific research, and digging has found a possible cause, so here we go...

Many of you will know Gavin Earle, one of the nicest Javelin Sailors you would ever meet. Gavin lives in Napier, a little city famous for its New Year Regatta, and excellent sailing conditions. Well legend has it, that one year Gavin extended some hospitality to a certain Aucklander, Mr Craig Gilberd. After fighting it out on the water, and socialising all week, it came time for Craig to thank Gavin for his hospitality, jump into his car and head back home to Auckland. Well, I think here is where the trouble began, on pulling out of Gavin's driveway in a rush to get home, a miscalculation took place. Craigs mast smashed poor Gavins letterbox to bits. As Gavin was sitting on the ground looking at the carnage, he saw Craig disappearing over the horizon oblivious to the imbalance in nature he had just caused.

1 Year Later...

Craig was receiving his prize at the 1997 Auckland SouthPacific's, the imbalance in nature was trying to rectify itself. Instead of a prize Craig was presented with a letterbox, curiously enough, it had the same number as his house, even worse, he would have to get home, find some glue before the mailman arrived. If you know Craigs ability with hand tools, you will understand the dilemma he was in. But never fear, the imbalance was rectified, Craig managed to secure the letterbox back on its post, screwed down into a 40mm chunk of unpainted customwood MDF.

2 Years Later

It's Christmas morning, Craig oldest Daughter Laura was waking, eager to see what Father Christmas had delivered over night. "Daddy, look what we got on the drive..."

What could Craig do, it had happended again:
- was it theft?
- was there really a Santa Clause?
- why a "nail box" for a letterbox?
- where was the real letterbox
- why does this always happen to him?
- what did Laura get for Christmas?

We think we have pieced together some of the puzzle, follow No 48's adventures...