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A Serious Social Bunch
Javelin sailors race hard on the water, but are also equally serious about having fun off the water.

Being a mere Skipper, I am unable to explain the "Brotherhood", or "Crews Union" in detail for fear of my life. Suffice to say, they are serious when it comes to sticking up for crews rights, and do not tolerate any abuse from skippers.

I will leave it to one of the Head Brothers to explain the rules at some later stage...



New Zealand Cultural Translation for Australians
Any Australians wanting to know a bit more about New Zealand, should follow this

Mast won't fit into that 20ft Container in one Piece?

MastMuncher.JPG (71143 bytes)
If you have a 7.5m long standard Javelin mast, but need to fit your boat and mast into a 20ft (6.6m) standard shipping container, than you need the MastMuncher.

The MastMuncher can convert any usable Javelin mast into a multi-piece mast with little to no effort, very experienced at this sort of work.